Good Eats

I have discovered some new and exciting foods at the grocery store that I am able to consume without experiencing irritation and discomfort as a result of my food intolerances. These foods are gluten, dairy and egg free, and I wanted to compose a post in order to share them with any individuals who also have food intolerances or have dietary restrictions.

I have purchased all of these foods and snacks at Sobey’s, if you are curious as to where exactly they are sold:

  • Food For Life Whole Grain Brown Rice Gluten Free Tortillas – These wraps are what I have as part of my lunch everyday, and I really like them. They tend to dry out easily so I advise to store them in the fridge or freezer.
  • Maple Lodge Chicken Bacon – A majority of lunch meat is deemed as chemical-ridden and exploding with nitrates and preservatives, however Maple Lodge’s chicken bacon fails to fall into these categorizations. This meat is delicious and contains ingredients you can actually pronounce, which is always a bonus.
  • Jamie Oliver Quinoa Burgers – These burgers are absolutely bomb. They’re incredibly flavourful and super filling, and furthermore require almost no time to cook up.
  • McCain Sea Salt Crinkly Cut Wedges – These bad boys are quick, simple and delicious. They come in a variety of different flavours, however sea salt is my favourite.
  • Frank’s Buffalo Wings Sauce – Hands down the best hot sauce I have ever had. It’s incredibly flavourful and packs a spicy punch but does not overwhelm your mouth with burning fire. I quite literally but this shit on everything.
  • Made Good Chocolate Chip Granola Bars – These taste delicious and contain a full serving of vegetables in every bar.
  • GayLea Coconut Whipped Cream – This lactose and dairy-free whipped cream tastes phenomenal. I use it as a topping for fruit and as a topper for my coffee sometimes.

These are the foods I have been particularly enjoying lately, however I am sure there will be more to discuss in the near future. If you have tried any of the foods I mentioned or have other recommendations, please share!

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