My Healthy Hair Tips

I like to think I have relatively healthy hair, and whether or not this assumption is valid I thought I would share of my tips and trick regarding hair maintenance. Hair can be a tricky thing, so I hope some of my techniques work out for others.

(1) Refrain from blow drying your hair: I understand that for some individuals blow drying their hair is an absolute necessity. I personally avoid blow drying my hair and only do so when absolutely necessary – I think I have used a hair dryer twice in the past five years. I shower in the evening, and I allow my hair to air dry overnight. I tie my hair back in a loose braid so it is able to dry by the time I wake up, and the braid allows my hair to develop some loose and soft waves.

(2) Use hair oils/serums: I have been exercising use of hair serums for the past year or so, and doing so has undoubtedly benefitted my hair. I personally recommend the PYT Argan Oil hair serum or The Body Shop’s Grapeseed Glossing Serum – both restore moisture and repair breakage and dryness.

(3) Avoid Dyes: Again, for some persons hair dye is unavoidable, however if you are able to abstain from using hair dye I encourage you to do so. When I was younger my mother told me that if I dyed my hair she would likely disown me, and while I failed to comprehend her reasoning at the time I am now able to understand why she urged me to embrace my natural hair colour. I am naturally blonde and have never coloured it, and I feel as though the absence of dye from my hair is one of the reasons as to why it is fairly healthy.

I realize that my personal advice may not be applicable to all persons, but it works for me. Let me know some of your tips and tricks regarding healthy hair maintenance in the comments!

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