Valentine’s Day

February 14th is annually celebrated as a day of love. It is a date dedicated to expressing and embracing the love of another individual, however I personally find Valentine’s Day problematic for several different reasons.

Firstly, Valentines Day is adapted to conform to the socially normalized heterosexual relationship. It is so, so rare to see any type of Valentine’s Day promotion that depicts a same sex couple (aside from Lush earlier this year), and I feel as though Valentine’s Day is primarily associated with a male and a female in a loving relationship. This idea of the holiday is detrimental to persons who are homosexual and fail to abide by what is socially deemed as sexually acceptable because it is not inclusive. Until Valentine’s Day is adapted to apply to couples of any and all sorts of sexual diversity, I do not feel as though it genuinely celebrates and acknowledges love.

Secondly, Valentine’s Day can be incredibly isolating to any person who is not in a “relationship”. It is a day that stresses the occurrence of love, and while this emphasis is not an issue in a broad sense, it become an issue when it is recognized that this holiday fails to be inclusive of different types of love. Why should Valentine’s Day only commemorate the love shared between a couple? Why should it not also celebrate the love exhibited towards friends and family members?

Thirdly, why is one only day associated with being loving and being loved by others? Should we not practice this behaviour each and everyday?

I question the holiday because I believe it should be encompassing of all types of love and individuals, and because it is not as of yet I do not believe it should receive the attention and support it currently does.

Be loving of everyone, always.

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