Foot Sprains

Several years ago I sprained my right foot rather badly and tore different ligaments in the process. I was still experiencing a lot of discomfort in my foot several years after the initial sprain, and after seeing a specialist I learned that I actually had a stress fracture in my foot the entire time. I wore an aircast for six weeks during which my foot seemingly healed, however it has always been far weaker than my left foot ever since.

I stepped off of a roadside curb two days ago and felt a distinct, searing pain jolt through my foot. I went to the walk-in clinic and was told I had sprained it yet again, so I am currently hobbling around making the best of things.

I wanted to compose a post regarding foot sprains because often times foot injuries are misdiagnosed as ankle injuries. According to, a foot sprain occurs when there is a tearing of ligaments in the foot. Foot sprains range in severity from a grade one to a grade three. Grade one foot sprains are mild, involving minuscule tears or extreme stretching of ligaments. Grade two sprains are moderate, consisting of partially torn ligaments and more severe stretching, and grade three sprains are severe, involving ligaments that have been torn completely. My initial foot sprain was diagnosed as a grade three sprain, however the sprain that occurred two days ago is likely a grade one sprain because the pain is not as severe.

If you sprain your foot you will likely experience swelling and/or bruising along the outer edge of the foot, towards your pinky toe. If you think you may have sprained a foot, consult a doctor in order to receive a concrete diagnosis. Depending on the severity of the sprain, it is likely you will have to ice the area, elevate it, wear some sort of compression bandage (I have a brace) and rest the area.

Sprains are finicky, so be sure to follow your doctors suggestions in order for your sprain to heal quickly and correctly.


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