How to Use More Spice

Spices are a fabulous thing to add to a majority of different culinary dishes and creations. They come in essentially every flavour and are each unique in terms of taste, however I would argue that a lot of individuals are reluctant to incorporate spices into their cooking dishes because there are so many to choose from. I thought I might propose some ways to add spices to foods and furthermore which spices pair well with specific foods in order to alleviate some of the stress surrounding spice selection.

Garlic and onion powders are my go-to spices when cooking. If you are able to use fresh garlic or onion as opposed to the spice version, feel free, however if this is not an option for you the dried version of garlic and onion pack a flavourful punch. I like to add these powders to salads, meats, rice and pasta – quite honestly, it is hard to go wrong with either.

Dried herbs are also a safe option for those who are leery of too much spice. Depending on the food dish you are cooking, there are different dried herbs to compliment different dishes. For example, dried basil tastes excellent on tomatoes and in pasta sauces; dried parsley pairs well with pasta dishes; dried rosemary heightens the flavour of chicken and potatoes and oregano pairs well with pizza.

Additional favourite spices of mine are chipotle and also paprika. These two spices are intense in flavour and bring spice to dishes, so if heat is not something you enjoy refrain from using either. Both pair excellently with meats, seafood and potatoes.

You can also purchase combined spices, for example an Italian herb and spice mix or specific spices intended to compliment poultry. These combinations are great for persons beginning to cook with spice, and they take a lot of the guessing work out of flavour pairings.

Spice is not something you should fear when cooking. Do some research in order to determine which spices to use for certain foods, and get cooking!!

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