Yesterday afternoon my mom and I took a trip to the nearest Costco. Granted, it was not the best idea to visit the store on a Sunday afternoon considering it was an absolute nut house, however the trip was certainly beneficial in terms of the products we purchased and the money we saved in doing so.

Prior to yesterday, I had not been to a Costco in at least a decade. Shopping at the store yesterday prompted me to acknowledge how cost efficient Costco is, specifically in terms of bulk items, and my mom and I agreed that we will be shopping there more often in the near future.

Costco was originall founded in 1976 in California. When it was founded it was known as Price Club, and the founders, James Sinegal and Jeffrey Brotman have co tributes to the operation of 727 stores as of 2017.

Costco is the largest American membership-only warehouse club, and, as of 2015, is the second largest retailer globally, coming in second after Walmart. It is the workd’s preferred retailer of choice (ranking #1) in terms of its selection of prime beef, organic items, rotisserie chicken and wine.

Costco is truly an ideal grocer for me because of my food allergies. Their selection of allergy-conscious foods and dried fruit is tremendous, and their prices are additionally significantly lower than that of most other grocery companies and corporations. They offer almost anything and everything, for example food, clothing, automotive supplies, furniture, fitness equipment, appliances, electronics and toiletries, and therefore an ideal store for a majority of individuals. Costco offers something for everyone, and at a great price.

Although I likely won’t be visiting Costco again on a Sunday, I can say with confidence that I will return quite soon, and I look forward to the money I will be saving in doing so.


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