Keurig Coffee Machines

I am individual that consumes copious amounts of coffee. Arguably, I drink too much coffee, however if excessive coffee drinking is my biggest vice, I am not overly concerned.

I thought I would discuss Keurig coffee machine systems in this particular post because of how often I use my own. I was having an insightful moment the other day, standing over my Keurig and watching my coffee drip into my mug, and I thought to myself: “Are Keurig’s really worth the money?”

Keurig coffee brewers range from $80.00-$200.00. A standard coffee machine can be purchased from locations such as Home Hardware of Walmart for a third of the price, however Keurig’s seem to be in popular demand as of right now, and have been for the past five years or so. Why is this, you may ask? In my opinion, I think Keurig’s are so popular because of their efficiency and simple operation systems. Keurig’s are designed to brew one cup of coffee at a time, using Pods of coffee to do so. Numerous companies have developed Pods of their own famous brew for consumers to have in the comfort of their home, but I do not believe the Pod versions of big-name coffee companies taste as fresh as their coffee does in-store, for example Tim Hortons Pods in comparison to a fresh cup of Joe from Tim himself. This is my opinion, but I have spoken with other persons who feel the same way.

In retrospect, Keurig’s are great for homes that contain one or two people that drink coffee. I would argue that having a standard drip coffee machine would be more functional in a home that has several coffee drinkers, considering drip machines are able to brew several cups at a time as opposed to one, and drip machines are certainly more environmentally friendly that Keurig’s. The Pods inserted into Keurig’s are usually plastic (some companies have developed biodegradable Pods), therefore if you brew a few mugs of coffee a day you’re definitely not being conscious of your carbon footprint.

Honestly, I think a traditional drip machine is just as effective as a Keurig. I love my Keurig, but it was an expensive purchase.

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