Books Versus Film Adaptations

It seems as though more and more best-selling novels are being made into films and furthermore television shows and series. In some cases, these adaptations are successful and allow a text to appeal to a wider audience, however I would argued that in a majority of situations, film adaptations of books fail to represent said book adequately.

One of the most disappointing film adaptations of a best-selling series for me personally is the Fifty Shades of Grey series, written by EL James. I read all of the books in the collection prior to their film release, and I really enjoyed them despite their content being controversial and explicit. After finishing the series I thought I would give the films a chance and was highly disappointed, and from my understanding a majority of book fans were as well.

One of the great things about reading is its subjectivity. An author offers a description of a character and each reader interprets such description differently, creating an independent understanding of a character as they read. When a reader has an idea of a character from a book in mind and has their idea totally shattered and distorted after seeing the same character depicted in a movie, it can be frustrating and discouraging, and has the ability to turn a reader away from a particular series or author from that moment forward.

I refuse to let a crappy film adaptation of a book I enjoyed turn me away from a series, but I definitely find it frustrating when a film portrayal of a book I have read is totally inaccurate and missing components of the story. If I come across a book I love and am passionate about, I try my best to steer clear from its film re-creation. I am quite content with my own personal take on a book’s storyline.

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