Confidence Versus Cockiness

Arrogance is arguably the one personality characteristic I cannot tolerate in a person. I find it so uncomfortable to be conversing with or around an individual who feels as though they are superior to others in any or all regards, and therefore refrain from interacting with such persons.

Confidence, on the other hand, is something I appreciate in others. It can be so refreshing to come across a person who is confident in themselves and what they do, and for this reason I thought I would offer an explanation of what differs between confidence and cockiness.

Cockiness is the belief that an individual is better than others because of an egotistical perspective on life. Cockiness is synonymous with arrogance, being presumptuous, acting self-important or being conceited.

Confidence is being self-assured in oneself and trusting one’s own capabilities and abilities. It differs from cockiness because it does not put others down at an individual’s expense; rather, it is a subtle understanding that you or any other person is reassured in themselves.

A lack of confidence may be categorized as insecurity or self-doubt, and these characteristics can be detrimental to an individual’s everyday functions and living. Self-doubt can be an incredibly powerful force over a person’s mental health which is why possessing confidence, not cockiness, is so important. If you’re unsure as to how to differentiate between the two, simply take a step back and analyze your behaviour in a specific situation. If you feel as though you are politely and respectfully expressing your belief in yourself, you are exuding confidence. If you feel as though you are putting others down in order to express your abilities and accomplishments, you are exuding cockiness.

It can be easy to reverse cockiness or engage in confidence. Figure out yourself and your own self-reassurance and go from there!

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