Advertisement Disclosure Amongst Youtubers

I have been watching a select few individuals on Youtube for several years now. Whether it be lifestyle or beauty blogging, I truly enjoy observing the persons I am subscribed to on Youtube, some examples of my favourites being Lustrelux, Desi Perkins and Samantha Ravndahl.

As of late, Samantha Ravndhal has taken it upon herself to educate her fans and subscribers of the occurrence of advertising within some videos created by beauty bloggers. She has done this, she explains, to demonstrate how prevalent advertising is within select videos and the bias that these advertisements create.

Prior to hearing Samantha’s opinion on the matter, I had failed to truly comprehend the extent to which advertising influences the beauty industry, on social media specifically. Samantha is completely against hidden advertisement and instead actually encourages beauty bloggers to disclose if their videos are sponsored. She argues that by being honest with fans, beauty bloggers are able to educate others of the presence of advertising within the beauty community and how such presence can alter true and honest opinions of products. She explains how a majority of bloggers are paid by certain brands and companies to promote their products, and in doing so fans are led to believe that the product being promoted is worth purchasing, regardless if the blogger believes this to be true.

I believe it takes a lot of courage to take a stand against false advertising and present the truth on the matter as Samantha has and continues to do. She created an entire video dedicated to this issue, and you can watch it here:

Considering Samantha herself is a beauty blogger, she could definitely be jeopardizing her reputation amongst beauty companies and brands and cause them to lose interest in her work. This is why I commend what she is doing and appreciate her honesty. She is truly looking out for her fans and subscribers, something that is difficult to designate in today’s Youtube community.

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