Product Review: Somersby Hard Cider

Drinking alcohol has become a sort of challenge for me since learning about my food intolerances to wheat, yeast and barley. It is rather unfortunate that these three grains are what typically compose the average beer, specifically because beer was my preferred alcoholic beverage prior to discovering my intolerances.

I have essentially refrained from drinking at all since finding out about my inability to drink beer. I have the average drink from time to time, but the few drinks I can consume tend to be high in artificial sugars, something I try to abstain from ingesting.

I created a post a while back regarding a gluten free beer called Damm Daura, and while it certainly wasn’t bad, gluten free beers of any make tend to be quite pricey. I was delighted to learn, therefore, that most hard ciders are gluten free, and so I decided to experiment with Somersby cider.

My sister brought me home the variety pack which consists of twelve cans in four different flavours; apple, pear, blackberry and elderberry. I have yet to sample the elderberry flavour, but out of the three I have tried pear is by far my preference. I found the blackberry to have a bit of an odd aftertaste which reminded me aspartame, and while the apple flavour was good I found the pear flavour to have a stronger taste. I imagine the elderberry flavour will present the same odd aftertaste as the blackberry, however I will definitely give it a try to be sure.

If you have an issue with grains such as wheat, barley, hops or yeast, perhaps consider trying some hard cider varieties. It doesn’t quite compare to a good beer in my personal opinion, but it is certainly better than nothing. Let me know some of your favourite hard ciders to try!

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