Product Review: Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara

Having oily skin can present a bit of a challenge when it comes to wearing mascara. Granted, this sounds like a bit of an odd statement, however I have a difficult time finding a mascara that wears well throughout the day and refrains from transferring to my eyelids from oil.

One of the only mascaras I have discovered that does not transfer is a type made by cover girl. I have exercised use of this mascara for years, but, like any average individual, am tempted by the allure of change. I decided to purchase the They’re Real mascara by Benefit after hearing a lot of positive reviews about it, and considering it retails for $30.00, I can say with confidence I would not recommend it to other persons with oily skin.

The mascara itself is decent, as it provides length and contains a well-proportioned brush, however I was expecting a far better performance from a mascara that retails for so much. Within approximately two hours of wearing it I had transfer both above and below my upper and lower lash lines, and it is difficult to remove from the skin once it makes contact. I also found the product to be difficult to remove at the end of the day when I removed the rest of my makeup from my skin, even when used in combination with an oil-based makeup remover. To clarify, this specific product is not advertised as waterproof either.

The Covergirl mascara that I have been using retails for $6.00 and performs better than the Benefit mascara in multiple regards. For that much of a price difference, I undoubtedly recommend abstaining from purchasing from this mascara and sticking to drugstore brands.

Luxury brands can be a hit or miss in the context of cosmetics, and this product, for me, was and remains to be a miss.

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