How Social Media and Technology are Ruining Intimate Relationships

So often whilst scrolling through various social media feeds I come across a fabricated situation in which a girlfriend or wife becomes angry with their partner because he/she did not text them back in a timely manner. Despite being fabricated and aiming to be perceived as humorous, these situations do, in fact, occur regularly in contemporary society, and our use of social media and technology is what is causing this disconnect between persons.

I occasionally catch myself pondering how very different intimate relationships were several decades ago. Rather than texting a partner to arrange a date, actual phone calls were made or in-person conversations took place to designate a location and time. Instead of ‘liking’ an Instagram photo or Snapchatting someone as a means to flirt, individuals asked to spend time with another person to better familiarize themselves with one another. There was no Tinder or Bumble, but rather the existence of face-to-face conversation to get to know someone and potentially establish an intimate relationship.

Personally, I find these altercations to modern-day relationships to be disheartening and furthermore disturbing. Dating has become a sort of lost art, overpowered by phones and texting, and as opposed to getting to know a person by spending time with them, individuals are relying on their mobile devices to meet romantic partners.

What does this mean for future generations? Not to sound pessimistic, but I find it difficult to fathom a situation in which technology and social media do not play a role in relationships. Both of these forces continue to expand and progress with time, and I wonder just how remote and isolated dating will become in the future.

Do yourself and your partner a favour; put down the phone and spend time with each other. Focus on the presence of another person in your life and cherish it. Don’t let their existence become inferior to a social media app.

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