Why You Need More Strawberries In Your Life

One of the greatest things that comes along with the summer months and warmer weather is the multitude of fresh produce. Whether it be fruits or veggies, nothing tops the taste of fresh, local produce in the summertime, and strawberries are arguably one of the most popular summer fruits.

Aside from being absolutely scrumptious, strawberries offer several health benefits when consumed on a regular basis. The following information is derived from Best Health Magazine Canada.

  • Strawberries boost overall immunity because of their high levels of Vitamin C, an essential vitamin in terms of preventing and recovering quickly from illnesses. One serving of strawberries actually contains half of the recommended daily dose of Vitamin C required for the healthy function of the human body.
  • Because of their high levels of Vitamin C, strawberries also promote healthy eyes and benefit an individual’s eyesight overall.
  • Strawberries may have the ability to fight cancer because they contain a phytochemical called ellagic acid.
  • Recognizing their high concentration of Vitamin C once again, strawberries provide naturally derived collagen when consumed, meaning they promote skin health.
  • Strawberries can control and prevent high levels of cholesterol in the human body because of the ellagic acid they possess.
  • Strawberries can diminish the occurrence of inflammation in the body because of the high levels of antioxidants found in their makeup.
  • The levels of potassium found in strawberries can control and reduce high blood pressure.
  • Strawberries are a natural source of healthy fibres, aiding to promote healthy digestion and regularity in terms of bowel movements.
  • Strawberries, because of their high fibre levels, are a healthier snack alternative and can therefore assist in weight loss.

In summation, there really is no reason to abstain from eating this tasty fruit unless you are sensitive or allergic to strawberries. Be sure to support local farmers when you purchase any produce, and enjoy some fresh berries!

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