The Increasing Popularity of Plant-Based Proteins

Veganism and furthermore vegetarianism have truly increased in popularity in recent years. Vegetarianism is a concept that has existed for decades, however veganism is more recent in its existence yet it continues to gain recognition in contemporary society.

Vegetarianism is the choice to abstain from eating any animal-based protein, for example meat or fish. Veganism is the choice to abstain from eating any animal by-products, for example meat, dairy and eggs.

These two particular lifestyles do not appeal to me personally, however for many persons they are an absolute essential component of who they categorize themselves as a person. I commend individuals who are able to successfully dedicate themselves entirely to this sort of lifestyle.

Something I do find concerning about the escalation of plant-based proteins in the food industry is the impact is could potentially have on livestock farmers. Farmers who specialize in crops rich in protein will arguably continually benefit from this interest in plant-based protein, however farmers who specialize in poultry, beef, dairy or fish could potentially encounter a decline in the demand for their quotas. Furthermore, I personally find that with the increase in veganism and vegetarianism, more and more livestock farmers are being targeted for simply performing their obligated duties on their farms. Inhumane and unjust treatment of animals in any circumstance is simply not acceptable, but the proper practices of raising animals on livestock farms is not deserving of scrutiny.

I feel as though a balance needs to be established between the mistreatment of animals and raising animals on a farm for consumption. Whatever your beliefs of preference, farmers should not be scrutinized for feeding people. Respect the choices of individuals but be sure to educate yourself in both the livestock industry and the concept of animal rights. Confusion and ignorance can be incredibly dangerous.

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