How to Handle an Argument Effectively

Arguments are an inevitable component of most relationships, regardless if said relationship is romantic, friendly or family-oriented. When approached aggressively or with ignorance, arguments can quickly escalate and be blown out of context, allowing persons involved to become even more enraged and possibly even hurt by what may be said by the individual they are arguing with.

While arguments may not necessarily be pleasant or enjoyable, it is worth acknowledging that there are certainly right and wrong ways to approach one. For example, I personally find that when I am arguing with someone and I begin to raise my voice out of frustration, they typically respond to the increased volume of my voice by becoming louder themselves in the words they are expressing and soon the argument evolves into a screaming and/or yelling match. This is not an effective way to approach an argument, and I have found that by keeping my voice steady and at a normal pitch, regardless of the volume of the other person, the person I am arguing with will more than likely recognize that I am not yelling and will refrain from telling themselves.

I have also found that immaturity gets you absolutely nowhere in an argument, and it definitely does not permit you to gain any leverage over the person involved in the conflict with you. Rather than becoming malicious and personal by resorting to insults, stick to the facts and focus on nothing more than the reason for the active conflict. Intentionally hurting the person you are arguing with may give you temporary satisfaction in the moment, but once the argument passes you may realize that the words you said cannot be taken back.

Keep your cool, refrain from becoming agitated, be mature and speak respectfully. Arguments can be proactive when addressed accordingly; perhaps this will become apparent by abiding by my recommendations.


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