To the Bone: A Netflix Original Film

When I initially saw advertisements for the Netflix original film titled To The Bone, I was honestly unsure of what to think. I knew I wanted to view the film without a doubt, but I was somewhat leery of how exactly the film was going to depict the harsh reality of living with an eating disorder, which is what the films main character, Ellen, is experiencing. It is revealed that Ellen is dealing with Anorexia Nervosa, a type of eating disorder in which persons abstain from consuming the proper amount of food and nutrients the body requires for healthy functionality. Ellen has been struggling with her eating disorder for several years, and after a consultation with a physician played by Keanu Reeves, she is admitted to a housing facility suited for eating disorder recovery.

Because I have struggled with both Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia in the past, I can say with complete confidence that this film is an accurate depiction of the harsh reality of eating disorders. This film is realistic, emotionally raw and harsh, three components that are required in order to accurately convey the struggles a person living with an eating disorder endures. The film does not offer a concrete explanation as to how or why Ellen develops Anorexia, and this in itself speaks volumes; it is nearly impossible to categorize a specific trigger for eating disorder development, and the film is sure to refrain from fabricating the details of this horrible illness.

This film does not glorify or romanticize eating disorders. It displays the emotional turmoil experienced by victims and furthermore their families and friends throughout the duration of this type of mental illness, and although it struck deep for me personally because of my own affiliation with eating disorders, I strongly encourage any and all persons to view this film in order to properly understand the reality of this type of disease. I would recommend this film to anyone, and I am rather pleased with the fact that a movie focusing on this type of illness has been created.

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