My Personal Eyebrow Tutorial

Before I begin this post, I would like to offer a disclaimer of sorts to acknowledge the fact that I am not by any means an eyebrow or furthermore makeup expert. I do not have significant knowledge of cosmetics when compared to some individuals, therefore in making this post I simply wish to share with you some products and techniques I use to do my eyebrows that work for me personally. My method is uncomplicated, a quick and efficient, and chances are that these three defining characteristics are appealing to the average person who fills in their eyebrows with product daily.

I do my eyebrows last in my makeup routine. This is entirely personal preference, but I find that if I do my eyebrows prior to applying foundation I have bare spots around my eyes and end up looking like something out of American Horror Sorry.

Not pretty.

To begin, I comb my brow hairs upwards and outwards with a spoolie brush to best define and recognize the natural shape of my brow. Once this is complete I use an angled brow brush (mine is from Sephora, however you can purchase brow brushes at any drugstore) and dip the brush in the cream brow pomade I use to fill in my brows. If you fail to be a fan of creams, feel free to use a powder or a pencil. With a light hand I outline the shape of my brows with the brush and begin to fill them in with the pomade, ensuring the outer corners of my brow are darkest and the inner corners are lightest. Once my brows are filled I comb them through again with the spoolie to ensure the product is dispersed equally and then set the hairs in place with a brow gel.

There are countless brow tutorials to be viewed on YouTube if you’re feeling leery about doing your brows. Don’t panic, work slow, and your eyebrows will be on fleek in no time.

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