Product Review: Fitbit Trackers

I have made use of the Fitbit app for iPhone for approximately one or two years now and in doing so I have become quite driven and dedicated to achieve 10,000 steps per day, the recommended amount of steps for a mobile and healthy individual. I recently began using an actual Fitbit tracker, the Alta HR, and I must say that I am thoroughly impressed with how the device performs and furthermore functions.

Prior to owning an actual Fitbit, I simply kept my phone in my back pocket at all times in order to keep track of the amount of steps I was taking in a day. This was slightly irritating at times, especially if I forgot my phone and I knew I would be doing a significant amount of walking, because without my phone I was unable to track my steps accurately. With the actual Fitbit device I need not worry about ensuring my phone is on my body whilst walking, and although this seems rather insignificant, I personally find it much more efficient.

The Alta HR keeps track of your steps, heart rate, reads the time, communicates the distance you have covered in your walking and even notifies users when their phone receives a text or phone call (if the device is synced with said phone). I don’t necessarily think all of the options available with the Alta HR are exactly necessary, however for some individuals I imagine they are quite useful in their daily activities. It also monitors your sleep patterns and informs you of how lightly or deeply you sleep on a given night, and it can be programmed to wake you with a vibrational alarm if desired.

The only downside of Fitbit trackers are their price. The Alta HR retails for approximately $200.00 (mine was purchased via Airmiles), and the rest of the models are similar in price.

Overall I am definitely enjoying my Fitbit tracker.

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