The Lack of Support Regarding Local Businesses

As I have previously mentioned here on my blog, my sister owns and operates her own business named Earthly Delights. Her business merchandise consists of fresh, chemical-free produce and furthermore handmade bath products containing essential oils, for example body scrubs and bath bombs.

My sister has been working incredibly hard to establish her business, and it is thoroughly disheartening to witness the lack of local support she is encountering. Her produce is available for purchase in a stand on our property, and despite an increase in traffic flow in our area due to a road closure, her sales have failed to increase. She travels to a market in Waterford weekly to sell both her produce and her bath products and is successful in doing so, however her stand is not selling her merchandise as efficiently as she hoped it would be. She has encountered resistance in regards to her attempts to sell her bath products in local retail stores, and in addition to all of these efforts she has also been working to assemble a pop-up shop with other local vendors though will likely have to cancel such event due to a lack of interest.

To observe the effort my sister is contributing to aid in the success of her business without receiving support from local buyers and customers is very frustrating, and I would argue that a lot of local businesses have encountered the same frustration and lack of support in the context of their own sales. Why would consumers prefer to support large-scale companies and corporations by purchasing their products, but not their neighbours and the hard work and effort they devote to their business? I find this observation unsettling and angering, and I feel as though more individuals need to acknowledge the importance of supporting local businesses.

If you know someone who is in the process of establishing their own business, please support them. Local is great and necessary, however it requires far more support from consumers than it is currently receiving.

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