Confidence is arguably something a majority of individuals struggle with. Possessing the ability to be self-assured is not necessarily an integral component of the average person’s personality, however it can be easily adapted into becoming something that comes naturally in everyday interactions, activities and thoughts.

From my own understanding of confidence, I believe that many persons are reluctant to categorize themselves as being confident in fear of being perceived as arrogant or conceited. There is a distinct line between what constitutes arrogant behaviour and confident behaviour, and as long as a thorough understanding of each thing is comprehended than the possibility of unintentionally intersecting the two becomes significantly diminished.

I would not categorize myself as an overly confident person, but I would not categorize myself as a timid or meek person either. It has taken time, but over the years I have been able to identify how to be confident in specific aspects of my life, and in doing so I have found that others are able to detect my confidence and furthermore respect it. When you feel secure and content with yourself, others take note, and it fails to be challenging to observe whether or not you are being arrogant or simply confident.

If you are struggling with the concept of confidence, perhaps look into meditation of self help guides or criteria. There are a multitude of resources available to aid persons in grasping the concept of self-assurance, and it is not an insignificant topic. With some self-work, self-love and and a solid understanding of who you are as a person, confidence will become natural without any sort of hesitation.

Mary Tyler Moore once made a statement that resonates deeply with the topic of confidence; “what others think of me is none of my business”. Interpret this as a personal mantra and see how mi h you can grow as an individual.

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