The Misconception of Modern Day Feminism

The other evening I was watching the news with my mother and sister and was intrigued by an advertisement that was to air in the near future on CTV. It addressed the concept of modern day feminism and how many individuals fails to accurately perceive the intentions of contemporary feminism, and I believe this misunderstanding is of great significance and requires attention in order to prevent ignorance and/or confusion regarding its content.

Taking a minor in women and gender studies during my university education was incredibly beneficial for me personally, and I would argue that it would be academically beneficial for a majority of persons. Learning about the different types and stages of feminism and furthermore what feminism actually means provides a tremendous amount of clarification in regards to what the concept truly signifies and is a proactive way to prevent confusion towards the topic.

If you’re unsure of what feminism means, it simply promotes equality between men and women and the encourages equal rights and perceptions towards men and women. It does not view women as superior to men, nor does it promote a hateful attitude towards men, which is what this interview I saw advertised was intending to address. It is absolutely crucial to comprehend that modern day feminism does not scrutinize men but simply seeks equality between all persons, regardless of their sex.

The idea that feminism favours women over men is the sole reason as to why do meany persons fear categorizing themselves as a feminist. In order to abolish and furthermore correct this inaccurate interpretation, knowledge must be generated and educational resources must be available to persons looking to learn about the topic.

Feminism is not negative, hateful, nor is it the enemy. Society has allowed for it to be identified as the enemy, and this stigma must be diminished to ensure feminism is recognized for what it strives to achieve; equality.

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