Get to Know Me

I thought I would create a personal post in which I discuss different things about who I as am a person that you may not be aware of in order to compose a better relationship between yourself as a reader and myself as the author of I often feel as though a barrier exists between readers and authors and that said barrier can impact the way in which a particular piece is interpreted, therefore I want to ensure I am being as open with you as possible.

Here are some random facts about me:

  • I am left-handed
  • I am relatively tall (5’9)
  • I have one tattoo and five piercings
  • I have never broken a bone
  • My favourite colour is blue
  • Most of the clothes in my closet are black
  • I hate red and yellow bell peppers
  • I also have a strong dislike for squash and pork chops
  • I have not had a haircut (not even a trim) in nine years
  • My dog is my best friend
  • I did gymnastics for several years when I was younger and stopped because I was told I was getting too tall
  • I used to do Hungarian dance
  • I absolutely love reading
  • Rock and country are my preferred genres of music
  • My sister once put me in the dryer when we were younger and turned it on (would not recommend)
  • I bit my nails for most of my life and managed to stop doing so entirely about two years ago
  • I had braces
  • I do not wear glasses or contacts and am the only person in my family who does not
  • I was the valedictorian for my high school graduation and my elementary school graduation
  • I have two middle names
  • I have a demented sense of humour
  • I played rugby all throughout high school and was team captain twice
  • Sons of Anarchy is the only television series I have watched from beginning to end

These are just some examples of who I am as a person, and perhaps this post will allow you to better understand who you’re interacting with when you read my posts!

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