My Body Does What?!

The human body is a truly fascinating concept. Its numerous systems, functions and organs are all unique and serve their own purpose, yet they still manage to work together in order to achieve harmony within the body.

Perhaps because the human body is so very interesting, it performs some rather strange functions as well. The following information is derived from, and I would argue that a majority of persons would find this content intruiging.

  • It is difficult yet possible for the human body to survive with a fraction of its organs
  • The largest cell in the body is the female egg while the smallest is the male sperm
  • Throughout the duration of your lifetime, your body produces enough saliva to fill two swimming pools
  • The strongest muscle within the body is the tongue
  • The hardest bone within the body is the jawbone
  • The acid that exists within your stomach is potent enough to destroy a razor blade
  • Sneezes usually exit the body at 100mph
  • Your not has the ability to recognize and furthermore remember approximately 50,000 different scents
  • Women have a stronger sense of smell than men
  • Teeth are the only components of the human body that are unable to repair themselves
  • Your eyes do not vary in size as your age and grow, however your nose and ears continually grow
  • Your middle finger nail is the nail that grows the quickest out of all of your fingernails
  • After a human head has been severed from the body it can remain conscious for up to twenty seconds
  • There is enough pressure that exists within the human heart to shoot blood thirty ft. in the air
  • Human beings are the only species that possess the ability to produce emotional tears
  • The colder the temperature of the space in which you sleep, the greater chance of experiencing a nightmare

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