The Incredibly Unrealistic Expectation of Future Employers

I have discussed the concept of the workforce and poor work ethic previously here on my blog, however the other day I was conversing with my mother and sister about the current state of the working world and we began to dissect the expectation of many employers, one expectation in particular; experience.

I was explaining to my family how when I take the time to explore English positions in the work force, whether it be in the context of journalism, communications or simply writing, all job listings posted state that individuals require two to five years of experience in said field in order to be considered for the position they are applying to. This is not restricted to English-based jobs either. This unrealistic expectation of employers is prevalent in all types of jobs, and it is absolutely ludicrous that persons applying for a job fresh out of school are expected to possess several years experience working in their field of study considering employers are reluctant to hire younger and therefore inexperienced persons.

If people are unable to be hired by any employer, how are they expected to gain experience in their line of work? The sole way for an individual to gain valuable work experience in what they studied is to be hired by an employer involved in their line of work, and with jobs becoming harder and harder to designate across North America, I fail to see how this issue is going to be resolved any time soon. Perhaps this conflict is why many individuals who graduate from university are enrolling in college soon after, and why many persons are selecting college and trades over a university education; they earn their hands-on work experience simultaneously whilst studying, and therefore are able to claim that they possess work experience.

I cannot stress enough how overrated a university education has become in contemporary society and how said education will continue to lose its value in coming years. Employers want to hire on individuals who are able to immerse themselves in the work they studied, an immersion that is offered in college. Granted, co-op opportunities in university are a wonderful way to gain experience, but with jobs becoming more difficult to secure and more and more persons going back to school to earn higher educations, the job market will quickly become almost impossible to delve into, a finding I find to be be incredibly frightening and sad. Education at any level is valuable, however the job market is becoming more selective as to which type of education it yearns for.

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