Earthly Delights’ Bath and Body Merchandise

I have discussed my sister’s business, Earthly Delights, several times already here on my blog, but I thought I would devote a post to my sister’s bath and body products in particular. Considering bath and body products are becoming more and more popular among a variety of individuals, perhaps this post will encourage you to explore my sister’s business and possibly experiment with some of her merchandise. You can find her business page on Facebook (Earthly Delights) as well as on Instagram (earthlydelightsmp).

My sister specializes in bath bombs and body scrubs, however she has also created some room and linen sprays. My sister ensures her body products are composed with strictly natural ingredients and without any additional chemicals or synthetic ingredients, and by doing so I can assure you that her merchandise is much safer to use and much better for your skin than select merchandise sold at Bath and Body Works. Other retailers such as Bath and Body Works load their products with fragrances containing chemicals and ingredients that have the ability to irritate the skin, however Earthly Delight’s bath products use pure essential oils to achieve their scent. My sister offers numerous varieties of fragrances in regards to her bath products, but a majority of her items are intended to offer aromatherapy when made use of, for example her items that are infused with eucalyptus, lavender, citrus and peppermint. Some of her items are even infused with florals and herbs that she grows herself.

Danielle makes large and small bath bombs and large and small body scrubs, and her prices are extremely reasonable. Her large bath bombs, for example, retail for $5.00, while a pack of four small bath bombs retails for approximately $4.00.

If you’re interested in my sister’s bath products, feel free to comment below and I will assure you are able to get in touch with her. In the meantime, consider checking out her social media pages in order to view the many types of products she composes!

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