Deodorants Versus Antiperspirants: Which One Works Best?

It is arguable that a majority of persons across the globe make use of some type of deodorant daily. As necessary as deodorant may be for some individuals, it is fair to assume that most users of this type of product are unaware of the difference between deodorant and antiperspirant and which product would work better for them personally.

Deodorants are a type of product that aim to mask or suppress underarm odour, often times containing some type of fragrance. Antiperspirants on the other hand are over the counter products that aim to combat sweat secreting from the sweat glands in the armpits due to their use of FDA approved ingredients.

As for which product would work best for you, consider designating how your body functions and whether or not you require the intensity of an antiperspirant. For example, I used antiperspirants when I was younger because I used to sweat heavily through my armpits. I currently make use of a deoderant because my sweaty pits have calmed down quite tremendously which I significantly appreciate.

There are a multitude of different brands that manufacture both deodorants and antiperspirants, with both types typically available for purchase at any drugstore. If you feel as though you require something stronger in order to combat armpit odour or sweat, schedule an appointment with your doctor for a consultation.

As for natural deodorants, I have tried my best to give them an opportunity to prove themselves time and time again, however they simply do not work well for me personally. They are likely better for you because they contain far less synthetic ingredients and chemicals when compared to traditional deodorants and antiperspirants, so if they do perform well for you, it is likely a good idea to continue making use of them. Determine a product that works for you and roll with it!


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