Product Review: Argan Oil of Morocco Extra Strength Hair Butter by OGX

Hair can be a difficult thing to keep hydrated during long, dry summer months, therefore it is beneficial to be familiar with a product that prevents thirsty hair from splitting all over the place. I have been making use of the Argan Oil of Morocco Extra Strength Hair Butter by OGX for approximately two weeks now, and after seeing the positive difference this product has made in terms of my own hair I can say with utmost confidence that I would recommend this hair treatment to others.

According to the OGX website, this product is infused with organ oil from Morocco, silk amino acids, soybean oil, coconut oil and shea butter extract; in simplest terms, it is infused with plenty of hydrating ingredients. The product states that it can be used as a conditioning treatment that may be rinsed out in the shower or left in hair, and I think the most effective way to get the most out of this product is to allow it to remain in your hair after you have finished showering. I have used it as a rinse-out product and a leave-in product, and from my own experience, the leave-in treatment is the better way to go with this cream.

The really nice thing about this product is the fact that it fails to leave my hair feeling heavy or greasy when I allow it to remain in my hair overnight. I simply take a pea-sized amount and work it through the ends of my hair. I have put more product in and have experience slightly greasy hair the next day, so do be cautious when using this product as a leave-in treatment in terms of how much you’re applying to your tresses.

OGX products are available for purchase at Shoppers Drug Marts and are extremely affordable. This product performs well and lasts forever, and in my opinion it is definitely worth the cost.



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