The Extinction of Cursive Writing

My mom informed me the other day that she came across an article in a local paper regarding the apparent extinction of cursive writing. My mom cut a brief component of the article out of said paper for me to read, and the author explained how she felt saddened over the increasing dininishmemt of handwriting. She discussed in her article how cursive writing is no longer taught in elementary schools** and how the absence of handwriting is an issue bigger than what it may seem on a surface level.

I was taught how to write in cursive when I was in elementary school, and considering children in contemporary society are not being offered the same teachings I was I am grateful I was able to learn this skill before it was removed from educational curriculums. Arguably, when a majority of persons are notified that handwriting is no longer being taught in schools, their reaction would likely be minimal. Perhaps some may question why this teaching being cut is significant at all, and to that I would explain that the removal of cursive lessons from schools is a blatant indication of how prevalent technology and digital media has become in our society. When I was taught handwriting, computerized typing programs had not yet exploded onto the face of the education system, and as a student I was expected to hand in assignments in handwriting as opposed to typed documents which is required today. Technology counties to become more and more powerful in everyday living, and while it is tremendous in some contexts, it is also somewhat upsetting to acknowledge that it’s presence is removing other forms of communication from existence. Will cursive writing become a lost art? I am inclined to think so, and such inclination prompts me to question the state of writing in general in another twenty years.

** Despite reading about the removal of cursive writing in academia, a friend of mine who is a teacher informed me that cursive writing is still taught in elementary schools, beginning in grade four. Perhaps the woman who wrote this article experienced the removal of handwriting from a specific school rather than all elementary schools.

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