Julius Kuhl: A Second World War Hero

I came across an article in The Globe and Mail regarding the story of Julius Kuhl, a Polish man who can adequately be recognized as a hero during the Second World War. I would like to discuss his story here on my blog in order to bring attention to his incredible efforts during WWII, and all information is derived from the article in The Globe and Mail.

Kuhl came to Toronto, Ontario, shortly after the conclusion of World War Two accompanied by his family in hopes of selling Swiss watches. He passed away in 1985, and despite his story being a recent discovery, this man is worthy of tremendous acknowledgement regarding his actions during the war. Documentation held in Switzerland, Jerusalem and Washington were exclusively shared with The globe and Mail, and he has been compared to other WWII heroes such as Oscar Schindler and Raoul Wallenberg in terms of how many lives of Jewish individuals he saved during this period.

Kuhl was a diplomat at the Polish legation in Bern during the Second World War, and beginning in 1941 he gained possession of thousands of blank passports because of his affiliation with a network that created fake Latin American passports that were smuggled into a Nazi Europe. Kuhl and a fellow colleague added the names and birth dates of European Jews to such blank passports for approximately two years until Swiss police halted his actions, however prior to his efforts being halted he was able to rescue many Jewish persons during the War.

Markus Blechner, the grandson of Holocaust victims, worked for many years to gather the documents citing the tale of Mr. Kuhl in order to preserve and furthermore recognize his benevolent actions. I find it incredible that World War Two heroes continue to be unearthed so many years later, and the bravery of Mr. Kuhl and other heroes during this war need to be remembered now more than ever in wake of the racial conflicts occurring across the globe.

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