Film Review: Mad Max Fury Road

Despite viewing Mad Max: Fury Road several months ago, I decided to review it here on my blog because I recently watched it again with my sister. The film is categorized as an action film and is co-written, co-produced and furthermore directed by George Miller in collaboration with Brendan McCarthy and Nico Lathouris for screenplay.  Fury Road is the fourth segment of the Mad Max series and depicts a desert based apocalyptic environment in which water and gasoline are rare and incredibly valuable resources. The film follows protagonist Max Rockatansky (portrayed by Tom Hardy) as he unites with Furiosa (Charlize Theron) to escape from their cult-led city with Nicholas Hoult, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Riley Keough, Zoe Kravitz, Abbey Lee and Courtney Eaton playing accompanying roles.

I will be honest in stating that this film is incredibly odd and somewhat disturbing at times, however the cinematography involved in absolutely tremendous. The cost to create this film totalled to $150 million dollars and the movie earned approximately $378 million at the box office.

The acting is decent, and while I am no film critic, the lack of dialogue and verbal language overall in this film makes it difficult to observe any significant acting performances. The film is absolutely action-packed which certainly makes up for the lack of conversation, however at times the plot was difficult to follow because there was so little dialogue.

I genuinely cannot stress enough the amount of effort that was involved regarding the composition and cinematography of this film. The visual effects are overwhelming and costume design and makeup are definitely worthy of acknowledgement.

Perhaps if viewers have seen all components of the Mad Max franchise this film would be easier to comprehend, but despite being confused I did still enjoy the overall movie. It is worth seeing simply for the screenplay.




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