The Occurrence of Contemporary Global Racism

I would argue that a majority of individuals have some extent of an understanding regarding the events that took place recently in Charlottesville, Virginia. What occurred was and remains to be absolutely appalling and furthermore tragic considering a young woman, Heather Heyer, was killed in an attempt to stand up for what is right, and it seems to me as though the riots that took place in Charlottesville have encouraged a global uprising of racism.

I am not suggesting that racism was not in existence prior to these riots, however I am suggesting that these riots are a definite contributing factor to an increase in white supremacist marches across the world. In my own opinion, it seems as though the Charlottesville riots sent a powerful message to contemporary white supremacists and neo-nazis which encouraged them to recognize that their beliefs and radical behaviour is somehow more acceptable and can be proclaimed in a public manner. Since the protests occurred in Virginia, I have heard of several other marches that are attempting to be held in various locations, one specific example being at the University of Toronto this coming September, and I find it difficult to express how truly terrifying I find these efforts to be.

Many of the upcoming riots that are attempting to be planned are encountering tremendous resistance, which is absolutely necessary in a situation of such blatant racism, but I fear for how far these discriminant individuals will go to ensure their voices are heard and their beliefs and opinions are acknowledged. We live in a society that encourages free speech, and as positive as free speech can be it can also lead to significant conflict, which is what I believe we are observing right now in the context of racism.

It saddens me so deeply to consider the possibility of human rights and equality moving backwards. Select individuals have worked tirelessly to provide equality to all persons and have gave their lives in doing so, and to comprehend that their efforts may have been exuded for simply a temporary period is, to me, devastating.

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