Dangerous Spiders in Canada? Here’s What You Need to Know

I read an article via ctvnews.ca regarding dangerous spiders in Canada (http://www.ctvnews.ca/mobile/canada/the-most-dangerous-spiders-found-in-canada-and-what-you-need-to-know-1.3559697) and figured I would dedicate a post to the topic considering most individuals arguably are not aware of harmful spiders residing within Canada. I personally was taken aback whilst reading the article because I was unfamiliar with the presence of dangerous spiders in this country, and quite honestly the matter is rather significant in terms of preventing deadly reactions and interactions with these critters. There are four main dangerous spiders that exist within Canada, and they are as follows:

The Brown Recluse Spider: This spider is quite minuscule in size meaning its venom is far more potent than other larger varieties of spiders. The article states that these spiders are shy and are unlikely to bite, however if they do bite their venom has the ability to kill the tissue surrounding the bite and produces a painful sore that lasts on the skin for weeks. These spiders typically dwell in dark and undisturbed spaces.

The Yellow Sac Spider: The Yellow Sac is native to parts of Central America and are often mistaken as Brown Recluse spiders, however they arrive in Canada within grape shipments because of their ability to conceal themselves in the fruit. The bite itself from a Yellow Sac is not overly painful, however its symptoms can last for weeks and consist of swelling, pain and even muscle spasms.

The Black Widow Spider: These spiders are easy to recognize due to their shiny black bodies and two reddish triangles atop their abdomen. Similar to the Yellow Sac, they enter Canada via grape shipments, but some types of the Black Widow are actually native to Southern areas of Canada. The Black Widow may not necessarily release its venom when they bite, however if they do their bite causes muscle pain and in rare cases can be fatal.

The Wolf Spider: Wolf spiders are native to Canada, and despite their intimidating appearance, they are usually harmless. Their name originates from their hunting method; unlike other varieties of spiders who sue webs to catch their prey, Wolf spiders take them down without a web. Their bite causes redness and swelling.


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