Should Basic Life Skills be Added to the Educational Cirriculum?

In the midst of a constructive conversation with my mom and sister the other day, I came to the realization that the educational curriculum is somewhat flawed in the sense that it does not offer the teaching of basic life skills for young adults. We were discussing the concept of mortgages and tax payment, and after acknowledging that I personally am unfamiliar with how exactly these two financial concepts work, I questioned why these simple and necessary skills are not taught in schools. Perhaps I am the minority considering I am not overly educated in financials, however a majority of my friends my age feel the same way, and I find this somewhat concerning because a financial understanding is required in life once you begin living on your own or attending post-secondary education.

Looking back at some of the concepts I learned in high school, I question why students are expected to learn some things but not others. For example, rather than learning how to solve complicated math questions using formulas and theories, why not learn how to change a tire on a vehicle, or how to plan a budget? Granted, if you’re planning to pursue an education in mathematics then such formulas and theories are necessary. However, if mathematics is not something relevant to your future career, should there not be an option for students to select something else they would prefer to learn that is equally beneficial?

I suppose I am attempting to convey the message that the curriculum is flawed in the sense that it fails to educate students in skills and concepts that they will absolutely make use of in their lives and instead educates students in matters that will not be applicable to them in their future careers.

What are your thoughts regarding the structure of educational curriculums and their teachings for students? Let me know in the comments!

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