How to Strengthen your Back Muscles

As of late I have been encountering some discomfort in my back. It comes and goes, feeling similar to pulled muscles, and this discomfort prompted me to do some research and designate some exercises that are intended to strengthen back muscles. These particular exercises come from

  1. Kneeling Extension: Begin this exercise by placing both hands and knees on a flat surface. Your hands should be parallel with your shoulders and your knees with your hips. Lift your right hand and straighten your arm outwards while doing the same with your right leg. Hold for approximately ten seconds and repeat, then switch sides.
  2. Hip Lifts: Lie down with your back against the floor and your stomach facing upwards. Keeping your ams at your sides, lift your hips upwards whilst keeping your feet planted firmly on the floor, roughly parallel with your knees. Repeat.
  3. Lifted Leg Crunches: Lie on your back with your stomach facing upwards and lift your feet in the air until they rest above your hips. Keeping your feet raised, lift your torso towards your feet to perform a crunch motion. Repeat.
  4. Plank: Begin by placing your elbows and feet on the floor and lifting your body upwards towards the ceiling. Try to keep your body in a straight line; avoid bowing your back or arching towards the ceiling. Try and hold for thirty seconds, but less or more time depending on your body is entirely subjective.
  5. Side Plank: Begin by resting your left hip on the floor along with your left foot and left am. Slowly raise your torso until your hip is off of the ground and your body creates a sideways plank. Hold for as long as possible.

Engaging in these exercises on a daily basis is a great way to strengthen your back muscles and are furthermore great exercises for the body overall. Stay committed in order to see a difference!

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