Niagara College, Welland Campus

At the beginning of September I began my (hopefully) final year of post-secondary schooling at Niagara College, specifically the Welland campus. I am a student in the Public Relations program and actually switched into the program rather last-minute considering I was initially enrolled in the Journalism program.

I attended an orientation event at the college earlier on in the summer, and although I was impressed with what I saw and encountered, my experience was somewhat limited because the orientation was a one day event. Now that I am at the college for a majority of the day, several days of the week, I have a far more concrete perception of the atmosphere of the college and furthermore the individuals and faculty affiliated with my program.

The Welland campus is well-kept and aesthetically pleasing, and to be honest it feels a lot like a high school to me. The campus is not nearly as large as Brock, and I personally find this both positive and negative. It is positive in the sense that it is easier to locate departments and classrooms, however it is negative in the sense that there is not as much space designated for studying or work. For example, at Brock there were a multiple of places to quietly engage in work and assignments, and while these spaces do exist at Niagara, there are not as many.

So far I am enjoying my program and am already learning a tremendous amount of information regarding Public Relations and what it entails, and I am certain that my knowledge of the program will continue to expand with each passing day. The atmosphere is more casual than a university atmosphere, in my own opinion, and I believe that the learning will be more practical than theory-based, theory being a prevalent learning theme in university. I will keep you updated!

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