Television Series Review: Paranormal Survivor

I am absolutely fascinated with the concept of paranormal encounters and furthermore investigations. Approximately ten years ago I was beyond terrified of such concepts, however within the past several years my perspective of the paranormal has altered and I simply cannot get enough of it.

I just finished watching season one of Paranormal Survivors on Netflix. I plan to begin the second season shortly, however I wanted to share my personal opinion of the first season in hopes of sparking someone else’s interest regarding the supernatural realm.

Paranormal Survivors is a documentary style series that depicts the personal stories and encounters of individuals who have experienced paranormal interaction(s). The show interviews persons who have sent in their personal stories to the producers from all across North America with some experiences being mild or innocent in nature and others being blatantly terrifying and violent. In addition to interviewing the actual persons who experienced supernatural interactions, the show furthermore interviews external persons who may have been affiliated in a person’s particular situation, for example paranormal investigators or mediums. I found these external parties to further  solidify the experiences of these individuals, specifically because the external parties shared their own video and audio evidence to validate their testimonies.

While this series contained particularly frightening episodes, the show overall was not excessively scary. Each episode advises viewer discretion therefore if you are an individual who frightens easily I would not recommend viewing this program.

What fascinated me most about this series was the change in opinion regarding the supernatural from paranormal skeptics. Most of the persons interviewed admitted that they failed to believe in the spiritual realm prior to experiencing it themselves, and I personally found this alteration in attitude to be realistic and worth acknowledgement.

Fun fact: one of the homes documented on the series was located in my home city, and several others were located in cities in close proximity to my home. Apparently the paranormal could be closer than you may think.

4 thoughts on “Television Series Review: Paranormal Survivor

  1. I am currently watching season 1. I have come to notice that some of the houses and scenes from one episode are in other episodes. That kind of makes me think these stories are not real. Why do they do that?


    1. I noticed the same thing. I think perhaps the repeated scenes are used because they do not have actual footage from when the events occurred because some of them are from so long ago. Thanks for reading!


  2. This show is fake. Completely fake. Season 1 episode 2 shows a guy and son from Michigan. Yet all filmed in Hamilton Ontario. Only know cause I grew up there. Can tell it’s all fake.


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