Profile: Yankee Candle

Last winter I purchased a candle from Yankee Candle called Cafe Al Fresco and it is quite honestly the best smelling candle I have ever come across in my existence. I am not even slightly exaggerating; this candle smells like a combination of coffee and vanilla and has the ability to fill an entire space with its scrumptious scent. It is amazing.

That being said, let’s shed some light on Yankee Candle as a whole. Yankee Candle in an American manufacturer and retailer of candles and other merchandise, for example some dinnerware, accessories and candleholders. Their stores are located in approximately fifty countries across the world, including all fifty states and all but one province in Canada.

The founder of Yankee Candle, Michael Kittredge, was certainly informed about business when he founded the company in 1969, and in 2013 Yankee collected an average yearly revenue of 800 million dollars (Wikipedia).

Yankee Candle can be rather expensive depending on the size of the candle you purchase, however I have yet to come across another candle brand that creates candles as well as Yankee. Yankee candle’s have powerful scents that carry throughout a space, have significant burning time and furthermore come in an absolute multitude of scents. Some of their best-selling scents include apple cider, autumn leaves, balsam and cedar, Christmas cookie, clean cotton, crisp fall night, harvest, honey clementine, lavender, lilac blossoms, mistletoe, pink sands, Sicilian lemon, spiced pumpkin, vineyard and vanilla cupcake.

In the fall of 2013 Yankee Candle was purchased by the candle-making company known as the Garden Corporation for 1.75 billion, and in 2015 Newell Rubbermaid purchased Jarden for over 15 billion, making Newell the current parent company of Yankee Candle.

Yankee produces new scents and candle collections frequently, therefore if you are a candle addict I would argue that one of their stores is your dream-come-true. Let me know some of your favourite Yankee Candle scents in the comments!

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