The Significance of Good Roommates

I would argue that a majority of persons have been told horror stories regarding roommates. If you happen to be one of the people actually telling these stories about your own unfortunate experiences with a crappy roommate, you are likely aware of how important good roommates are and the conflicts that can occur as a result of poor roommates.

I have been quite lucky in my own experiences with roommates. I have lived in rental homes for the past five years because of my post-secondary education, and despite a few minor hiccups over the years, I can say with confidence that I have made out just fine. In my fourth year of study I rented a home with six other girls, and I am living with two of the same girls in my current year. They have become some of my best friends, and my other roommate for this year is quickly becoming a great friend as well.

I personally find it so important to have a positive relationship with the persons you are living with, regardless of they are family, friends, or strangers. If you do not get along with your roommates, it will become apparent quite quickly that the overall atmosphere of the home you’re sharing with your roommates will decline, and chances are you’re going to spend as much time out of the house as possible. This is unfortunate, considering for a majority of situations in which you’re living with a roommate you’re paying rent, therefore it is crucial to live with people you know you will get along with. I realize this is not always an option, for example if you’re living with strangers, however if it is possible for you to choose who you are living with, be sure to go with your gut rather than being swayed by convenience.

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