The Beauty of Fall

It seems almost expected to state that my favorite season is Fall considering it is for a majority of people, however, Fall truly is my favorite time of year. I look forward to the Autumn season annually, and once it arrives, I feel truly content regarding the change in temperature and the different colors appearing on trees. Despite the fact this current Fall here in Ontario has been considerably warmer than usual, the few cool, crisp days we have been able to experience have been wonderful, and I sincerely hope more days that truly reflect Fall weather are to follow.

For me personally, Fall brings to mind colorful leaves, cooler temperatures, hot beverages, fires, fairs, pumpkins, and Halloween. It beckons cozy sweaters, thick socks, boots, and gloves, and although I am unsure of why these things make me happy, they undoubtedly do.

Experiencing Fall here on my family farm is also truly wonderful. Our driveway happens to be lined with large trees, and being able to drive up and down a colorful path day after day has always been something I enjoy. When Winter arrives and the leaves fall from said trees, I find myself feeling somewhat disappointed as I realize I will have to wait until next year to observe the sight once again. Fall on the farm means tobacco harvest is finished, ginseng harvest begins and soybeans are harvested, and for my family, these are all signals that the busy season has almost concluded.

I truly pity individuals who reside in climates that remain warm year-round. I realize for some persons, a consistently warm climate is their own paradise, but I cannot help but wonder what it would be like to live somewhere in which Fall fails to occur. I know I would miss Fall, and I will continue to enjoy its beckonings until the Winter arrives.

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