Game of Thrones: Season One

I openly admit that I recently hopped on the bandwagon and began watching Game of Thrones. I constantly encounter Game of Thrones references on social media, and considering I am a fan of fiction and the Medieval Era, I figured that I would enjoy the series.

While I will not admit how quickly I got through season one, I managed to finish sooner than expected (thanks to my school being on strike), and thus far I will say that I really enjoy the show. It was quite difficult to follow at times due to the multitude of characters, however by the end of the season I was able to recognize and further identify all of the major characters that appear in the show along with their own stories and conflicts. I have already determined which characters I like and which I dislike, and I look forward to witnessing their stories progress.

The series is definitely incredibly gruesome and further explicit, therefore I would not advise this show to anyone who is sensitive to gore or nudity. The show saves little for the imagination as it is quite bold in regards to the way it depicts certain intimate scenes, and although these scenes do not bother me personally, I would wager that many individuals would be bothered by it.

My sister informed me that there is currently seven seasons of Game of Thrones and the eighth and final season is in production. Perhaps I will give a season-by-season update regarding my own review of the show, and in the meantime, I will continue watching season two (I am currently on episode two). It is my hope that my preferred characters will remain present for the duration of the series, however, based on the violence I have observed already, I doubt the likeliness of this particular hope.

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