The Importance of Adjustability

Life, more often than not, tends to throw curveballs our way. Things happen that are completely unexpected, plans get rearranged, and something you may have perceived to be absolute at one point becomes completely arbitrary. It can be tremendously frustrating and can prompt feelings of unease and stress, therefore knowing how to adapt and adjust in a given situation is an important skill to possesses.

I personally am a creature of habit, and I enjoy routine. I am not a fan of spontaneity, therefore when the unexpected occurs in my own life, I tend to panic and feel anxious. I try my best to take a step back and observe a particular situation from a broader, more generalized perspective, but this can be challenging at times.

In light of the recent Ontario Colleges strike, adjustability has become something of great importance to myself and all other students who have been impacted by their education being suspended. Our course outlines and deadlines have undergone adjustment to compensate for the lost class time, and we are expected to adapt and be flexible in order to complete the semester to the best of our abilities. Our Christmas break has been reduced to one week and our Spring reading week has been scrapped entirely. The entire situation, in complete honesty, sucks; however, in order to make the best of the circumstance, adjustability is something that carries great value for all college students in the province as of late.

Adjustability is a skill that will arguably present its benefits in a majority of situations throughout our lives. Whether it be in friendships, relationships, academia or the workforce, possessing the ability to move forward from complications and a disruption in original plans is an incredibly valuable character trait and will certainly prove itself to be useful in a variety of contexts.

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