Myths About Mental Illness

Mental illness is a prevalent occurrence in contemporary society, yet many myths regarding this type of illness exist and allow persons to be entirely inaccurate in their perceptions of what this type of illness consists of. According to, some of the most common myths regarding mental illness include:

  • Mental illness does not impact children or youth
  • It is the fault and responsibility of parents if a child suffers from mental illness
  • Persons impacted by mental illness are not safe and should not be in the presence of others
  • All individuals who deal with Schizophrenia are dangerous
  • Depression is nothing more than a flaw in character
  • Addiction is a lifestyle choice and signifies a lack of control and willpower
  • Persons with mental illnesses are less intelligent than those who do not suffer from mental illness
  • Mental illness is incurable

I have personally dealt with mental illness in different forms, and reading these myths truly angered me. I would argue that these myths would further anger other persons who have been impacted by mental illness, whether their encounter with this type of illness is individual or on the behalf of someone in their life.

Reading these entirely inaccurate interpretations of mental illness prompts me to consider the harsh realization that some people truly believe these claims to be valid. These actual examples of myths about mental illness truly demonstrate the importance of education in regards to this type of illness, and further how much progress needs to be made in terms of educating others of the actuality of these illnesses.

If you are curious about certain types of mental illness, or mental illness in general, I encourage you to seek out informational resources to help better your comprehension of the realities of this type of illness. Removing the stigma that surrounds this topic is crucial in order to move forward and to continue to educate others about mental illness.

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