How to Deal With Aggressive Personalities

Having someone in your life who tends to be aggressive by nature and is typically defensive can be incredibly challenging to deal with. It seems as though no matter what you do or how you say something, you are attacked by said person and are unsure of how to proceed.

While it is simple to say that the solution to this issue is to avoid the person altogether, sometimes this is not possible. The aggressive individual could be a family member, a friend, or a partner, and quite honestly, it is better to address the issue upfront rather than discarding it entirely. In my own personal experiences with individuals who have aggressive personalities, I have found that it is best to remain calm when emotions begin to flare and to approach the situation cautiously and logically. Responding to an aggressive person’s personality with anger or equal aggression will arguably make the situation worse, and although it is tempting to respond to their aggression with some of your own, it is far better in a broad spectrum to keep your calm and handle things maturely. Take a step back, take a deep breath, and contemplate the scenario from a distance. Ask yourself what the argument is about, why the person is being aggressive, and whether or not you are responsible for said aggression. If you are certain that you have done nothing to provoke the person, keep your voice in a normal tone and ask them why they are upset. If the person is unable to provide you with an answer as to why they are being aggressive, explain to them that you think it would be best for the both of you to work things out civilly and in a controlled manner, rather than yelling and screaming at one another in an attempt to designate a solution. If the person still refuses to diminish their aggression, then perhaps it is best to walk away for the time being and return to the situation after the individual has cooled off.

My recommendations will not always work; this I am aware of. But if you are able to benefit from my opinion regarding this issue, perhaps you can help others in the same situation.

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