Sysomos: Social Media Analytics

For a school project, a group of my classmates and I were asked to create a presentation about Sysomos, a social media analytical program. I thought I would use the information from this presentation to create a blog post in case anyone is interested in Sysomos and what it has to offer.

  • Sysomos is a social media software company
  • Keep up with latest trends in social media
  • An interface that allows organizations to manage all social media tasks on one platform (publishing, engagement, listening, curation, analytics)
  • Over 1,000 customers, covering top brands and leading agencies that operate regionally  
  • Help businesses leverage social insights to inform business decisions and actions outside of marketing, too
  • Equipping the world’s best digital marketers with the technology to optimize the value of their work
  • Insights-driven social platform is designed to help you search, discover, listen, analyze, publish and engage

The services they provide:

  1. Implementation Services: they install and configure Sysomos program accurately to work long term
  2. Education Services: they create a training program specifically designed for your team, that they base on a needs analysis they conduct with your team.
  3. Reporting Services : they have an analyst team that creates custom reports for your team, and delivers the metrics right into your inbox
  4. Managed Services: their team can manage your accounts, either by joining you in meetings or tapping in remotely


  • “Influence and Optimize start at $1,000 per month for five seats ‘on an annual commitment for the global data,’ according to the company.”
  • Sysomos does not offer a subscription plan (96% of apps do)
  • Sysomos does not offer a free trial (81% of apps do)
  • Sysomos does not offer a free, temporary plan (24% of apps do)


  • Real-time online social monitoring and engagement as it It collects all relevant information online so companies can track and measure activity around their brands and products.
  • This includes Facebook trends and topics analysis which lets users uncover what people interact with.
  • Their social media presence allows for users to familiarize themselves with Sysomos’ services and make inquiries
  • 8 office locations (accessibility)


  • Sysomos is a highly beneficial system and tool for large-scale companies and organizations
  • “Gives marketers the easiest way to search, discover, listen, publish, engage, and analyze at scale across earned, owned and paid media.”
  • “Sysomos is a leading edge visual analytics and psychographic tool designed to help you uncover new insights, content opportunities, and audiences by behaviors and interests.”
  • Good customer service (Dylan’s experience)


  • Website layout can be confusing to use, specifically for someone new to Sysomos
  • Website is not mobile friendly (Koji)
  • Sysomos is targeted to benefit and aid large-scale companies and organizations, therefore their target audience is somewhat limited, excluding small businesses and small business owners in particular
  • Price


  • We believe Sysomos is a highly advantageous online tool for large-scale companies and organizations
  • Sysomos is somewhat exclusive in their target audience due to their failure to offer experimental trials and their price
  • The reliability of highly recognized and reputable brands upon Sysomos is, to us, a clear indication of the efficient and successful performance of the tool

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