Job Interviews: A How-To Guide

As part of an assignment for one of my Public Relations courses, my classmates and I were asked to sign up for three mock interviews with individuals from highly recognized companies and organizations in the Niagara region. I had an interview with an individual from the Brock University bookstore, an individual from the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority, and an individual from CAA Niagara. I was told by these three interviewers after the mock interviewers that I did quite well, therefore I wanted to share some of my own personal tips for giving a great interview.

It may seem rather obvious, but one of my tips is to research the company or organization you are having an interview for. Often times an interviewer will ask what you know about their company/organization, and if you’re entirely unfamiliar with what their company/organization encompasses, there’s a good chance you will not be offered a job. Know the basics of the company/organization as well as their history, and be sure to have a thorough comprehension of the duties affiliated with the particular position you are being interviewed for.

Another tip I would offer is to be confident. Chances are you’re going to be nervous, but try not to let your nerves impact your confidence level. Be yourself, and ensure you do not confuse confidence with arrogance.

A third tip I would offer is to play your strengths. An interviewer wants to know why you should be hired over all other applicants, so be sure to emphasize your skills and any past experience that compliments the position you’re being interviewed for. If you’re asked what your weaknesses are, be honest, however, be careful not to put yourself down in the process. Trust yourself and who you are as a person, and your interview should be a success.


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