The Importance of Networking

Within the past year or so, I have come to understand just how important networking is, specifically through my college education and meeting new individuals. It presents opportunities in both expected and unexpected ways, and depending on what you’re looking for your life in terms of opportunities, it can be incredibly beneficial.

When I say networking, I am making reference to the concept of putting yourself out there in order to meet new people. How you choose to network is entirely subjective; whether it be through face-to-face interactions, through social media, through the internet or through friends and family, being able to network is more important now than it ever has been regarding the current job market. Knowing someone, having connections and creating new relationships is a highly effective way to increase your chance of designating new life opportunities, and if you have the chance to network, I strongly encourage you to do so.

A great way to initiate your networking process is to set up a LinkedIn profile and to have some business cards made (I recommend Vistaprint). I realize that both of these things are typically intended for individuals seeking work or a new position in the working world, however, they can make tremendous differences in other aspects of life. Regardless if you’re working and are seeking a new job, a student, a self-employed person or an unemployed person, having business cards and a LinkedIn profile depicting your strengths and specialties can lead to unexpected opportunities.

Having connections in various contexts is something that will prove itself worthy time and time again, and having connections is earned through networking. Putting yourself ‘out there’ and allowing yourself to be vulnerable is intimidating, but success cannot be achieved without failure. Be bold, be yourself and be forward – your efforts will arguably surprise you.

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