All the Lip Balms!

In accordance with my previous post regarding the best moisturizers for dry, winter skin, I realized that individuals also commonly encounter dry, cracked lips throughout the winter months. I personally do, and because I know how unpleasant and painful cracked lips can be, I did some research and found a list of what considers to be the best lip balms of 2017.

  • Badger Classic Organic Lips ($2.99): All natural ingredients, chemical free, great scent
  • Dr. Dan’s Cortibalm ($5.49): Quickly heals incredibly dry and cracked lips
  • Lypsl Intense Protection ($3.19): Great for moisturizing lips and providing quick relief
  • Beesential Lemon Lavender Lip Balm ($2.99): Doubles as a lip balm and a cuticle softener
  • Blistex DCT ($2.99): Appears as a gloss while moisturizing lips with cocoa butter
  • The Body Shop Vitamin E Lip Care Stick, SPF 15 ($9.00): Although slightly more expensive than other lip balms, this product contains an SPF which is an added bonus
  • La Rocca Lip Shield Multi-Active Lip Balm SPF 8 ($15.00): According to reviews, this balm is worth the money due to its incredibly moisturizing and protective abilities
  • Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Dark Chocolate and Cherry Lip Butter ($3.95): Reviews about this product praise how it does not get crusty on the lips after wearing for several hours
  • Rosebud Perfume Co. Smith’s Minted Rose Lip Balm ($7.00): This balm’s reddish pigment allow for it to act as both a balm and a lipstick
  • Avéne Cold Cream Lip Balm ($14.00): According to reviews, this product is the holy grail when it comes to healing dry, cracked lips
  • Beesential Orange Ginger Lip Balm ($2.99): This product is inexpensive and had the highest review’s on Total Beauty’s site

I would like to give a shoutout to Burt’s Bees honey scented lip balm. This is the only chapstick I use, and I love it for its moisturizing abilities as well as for the fact that it does not cause me to break out around my mouth when I wear it. It has a lovely smell and it is expensive.

Hopefully, this list can be of some use to you this winter!

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