Book Review: A Stranger In the House

I recently finished reading A Stranger In the House by Shari Lapena, and I wanted to dedicate a post to it because it truly was THAT good. This book is the first I have encountered in a while in which I struggled to put down at times, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The plot conveys the story of Tom and Karen, a suburban couple who soon encounter tremendous trouble with the law after Karen is found at the scene of a murder, the victim happening to be her ex-husband. In addition to legal tension, significant tension further builds between Karen and Tom, and further with their neighbor, Bridgid. I do not to wish to give too much away and spoil it for any potential readers, but the book contains an enormous amount of plot twists and shocks that will arguably keep readers on their toes. The way in which Lapena depicts her characters is genius, encouraging readers to favor some over others, and although her writing style is simple, it flows well and keeps pages turning.

This text by Lapena was a success, and in addition to A Stranger In the House, she has also been successful with The Couple Next Door. I have yet to read the latter, but it is definitely on my list considering how much I enjoyed A Stranger In the House. 

This book contains elements of romance, mystery, suspense, and thrill, hence why it makes for such an enjoyable read. It dabbles with many book genres and therefore has the potential to appeal to a wide audience.

If you enjoying reading and are on the hunt for a new text, consider giving Lapena’s a try. Let me know how you find it, or if you have read any of her other works. She’s definitely an author to look for.

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