The Celebration of A Birthday

My older sister, Danielle, recently celebrated her 25th birthday. She is almost two years older than I am, and together with my mom and dad we commemorated her birthday by spending quality time with one another.

When I was younger, I felt as though my own birthday was the most important event of the year, arguably as any young child does. I would become so excited in the days leading up to my birthday and soon after experience disappointment that the day was over. Currently, my birthday truly does not phase me as significantly as it did in the last, and I can say with complete honesty that I now appreciate celebrating the birthdays of others more than I enjoy celebrating my own.

It may sound cheesy, but the genuine satisfaction I experience when I observe others enjoying their special day trumps the satisfaction I encounter with my own birthday. The same goes for any celebration; graduations, anniversaries, accomplishments, etc. I strongly believe that relishing in the true happiness and joy of others by celebrating their own pleasures provides me with stronger happiness than celebrating my own, and I am grateful this change in attitude has developed in my own life and further my perspective towards celebrations.

Some may argue that claiming to enjoy the act of giving gifts more than the act of receiving gifts is simply untrue, selfish even, but I disagree. I give credit to individuals who honestly enjoying giving happiness to others rather than themselves, and I believe it takes a certain amount of maturity and self-understanding to be able to experience this rewarding interaction.

Come time for a celebration for someone in your life, I urge you to take a step back and perceive how this celebration makes you feel. It just may surprise you.

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